Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo Review

I promised to tell you about my experince in The Lost World of Tambun, and I’m starting with my favourite part of the 2-day trip!


Lost World Petting Zoo

Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo entrance
I am just so excited to show you the petting zoo! In my humble opinion, if there’s only one thing you have the time to do here, THIS IS IT! 4000 animals from 55 species! Honestly, I wouldn’t stop nattering on about the Lost World Petting Zoo long after the trip has ended. I wish the petting zoo was just behind my house so I can visit them all everyday as part of my daily routine. Perhaps everyday after I’ve had my breakfast – just pop in quickly to visit my animal friends.
I initially wrote this as part of the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park review, but there’s so much I want to share that the post would never end. LOL But I still tried to keep myself brief and show my fave photos in this post. Not all of the photos, mind you, because I pretty much used up the space in the card in trying to commit these adorable animals to memory. Your laptop will crash if I shared them all 😛
Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo disinfect
Remember to step on the wet disinfecting mat when you enter/leave – don’t just leap over it.
Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo raccoon Acucu
The super adorable raccoon Achoochoo.
I’m pretty sure it’s spelled Acucu, but Achoochoo is just way cuter. As you know, raccoons are considered pests and a huge nuisance. But how can a pest look like that?? I swear if rats were that cute I’d start feeding them myself.
Lost World Petting Zoo raccoon Acucu
Interesting fact: They can remember solutions to tasks for up to 3 years. E.g.: Task – to look extra adorable for the visitors. Solution – Faux camera shyness
Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo raccoon Ruby and friends
Ruby was the first raccoon they brought in, hence Ruby & Friends 



The Serpentarium is built with a transparent tunnel for you to walk through. I mean, who wouldn’t like to be practically surrounded by snakes? Haha

Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo Serpentarium

Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo Serpentarium info
I couldn’t get good pictures inside the Serpentarium because of the glass, but some of the snakes they have here include the Reticulated Python, Granite Burmese Python, Yellow Anaconda and the world’s longest venomous snake King Cobra. The King Cobra can kill an elephant in 3 hours! As much as we joke sometimes that we’ve grown huge as elephants, do you know how tiny we are in comparison? Can you imagine how fast the snake can take us humans out?
There’s also Puff Faced and Rainbow water snakes. I have to admit I found these especially gruesome just because it’s in the water. Just imagine taking a dip in the water and having the snake stare at you from afar before smoothly coming close *shudders*
Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo Serpentarium water snake
Mak, if you’re reading this, sorry for this photo. And the paragraph above, and the photos below!
I foolishly teased the snake “Hey baby, why won’t you look at me? Don’t you wanna see my purdy face?”
Holding a snake at the Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo
…I had no idea I was speaking Parseltongue! This was right before the snake came right at my face and I freaked out, trying to shove it away from my face. Hahaha. Bless the snake though, it was tame and didn’t snap at me for the reflex rough handling. I’m sorry, snake.
I appreciated the experience because I’ve always wondered if I was afraid of snakes. Now I know I’m not 😀 I know right, I volunteered to hold a snake without even knowing if I was going to faint upon contact.


Bird Paradise Park

Set within flourishing flora and surrounded by picturesque limestone hills, you can find 500 birds from 18 species here.
Turkey at the Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo
I found the turkey‘s snoop endlessly amusing so I have about 50 pictures of it. The turkey looked so irritated with me, haha. Darn paparazzis…
We then went into Aviary 2 where they house the land birds (those that rely on dry habitats to survive)
Bird Park Paradise Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo
The large area – everything in this setting is natural

The first thing that came to me was – hey, I know that bird!!

bird looks like miss j alexander
What do you think? Miss J. Alexander, what an uncanny resemblance! LOL!
Albino Peacock at Lost World Petting Zoo
Pretty peacocks! And an albino peacock too, never thought I’d see one.

The peacocks were so gorgeous! It’s hard to choose just one picture of them. I loved seeing the albino peacock since it’s been declared to be my animal 😀

Bird park at Lost World Petting Zoo
Wani the bird whisperer

Protip: Wear green and grab handfuls of seeds for the true aviary experience! These manja birds will flock on you like nothing else!

Lovebird on shoulder
Lovebird perched on the shoulder
This bird drove me crazy with wanting it! It’s so ridiculously manja, gently nestling close to Syawal’s neck and leaning its head in, making the most affectionate face. Ridiculous! And when people tried to take it away, the bird got mad! Fiesty little loyal thing, how I adore you! I want to go to the ends of the world with youu. Lovebird is definitely the most fitting name :) If I’m not mistaken, pictured here is the Fischer’s Lovebird, and they also had the Peach-Faced Lovebird.
There was also the Green Winged Macaw, you know the Faber-Castell bird? LOL. But the one I fell in love with is a different macaw. It was so hilarious and endearing in its theatrics.
Funny Macaw Theatrics
It kept walking around from side to side impatiently and flapping its wings when everyone was focused on its friend, like “Hey, hey, hey! Over here, hey! Here. Hey!”
Feeding a macaw at petting zoo
Turns out it was just hungry! I fed him some sunflower seeds and it went through them in no time.
Feeding a macaw at petting zoo
What a stunning bird. If you visit, please tell him Sabrina says hi. She misses you.


Marmoset Tree House

Marmoset Tree House Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
It was my first time seeing a marmoset. I couldn’t get a good picture though. They had White-eared Marmoset and Black-eared Marmoset, and they both looked pretty funny to me!
Marmoset Tree House Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
“What do you want from me?? I don’t look funny, YOU look funny you big funnyface!” said the White-Eared Marmoset


Tortoise Kingdom

Tortoise Kingdom Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
Here, you can find the Chinese Box Turtle and the Turtle Senterrapin. While I can’t appreciate tortoises (which explains why I only took one picture LOL) I can appreciate the beautiful 30-ft waterfall and river in the Tortoise Kingdom!
waterfall Tortoise Kingdom Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
We were relieved to be in such a cool area after all that heat!


Sky Aquarium

I’m not sure where this fits in, but I decided to include it anyway because I love the pics. Gold Gourami, Blue Gourami and the Clown Knife Fish among others- thankfully these aren’t big fishes. Phew. (Two of my fears are frogs and big fishes!)
Sky Aquarium Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
Sky Aquarium Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo


Rainforest Trail

Rainforest trail Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
When you get to the Rainforest Trail in Tambun, you can appreciate the unadulterated beauty of the wildlife. Pictured are deers, but you can also find squirrels, foxes and monkeys in their natural habitat.
Feeding a deer
“Eat your vegetables, darling”
The deer ate a whole lot! They have such kind eyes too, don’t they?
Further along the trail, we get to go into the heart of the rainforest, or at least the pericardium 😛
Rainforest trail Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
I forgot to mention we were accompanied the entire time by this friendly guide – he’s full of trivia and has a great sense of humor + a poker straight face. Sometimes you can’t even tell if he’s pranking you or telling you amazing facts to take home, so I’m torn between responding with delight at the info snippets and staring him down with suspicion.
Unfortunately, I didn’t venture far (you can see me way at the back there) because I was afraid I’d come across a frog T_T So I present you instead with this beautiful picture I took from my chickenhearted location.
Rainforest trail Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
When we continued our journey, we came across this disgusting #%*$ lizard, the hugest I’ve seen, being fed by the caretakers. I took photos of it but it’s not something I want to relive therefore it won’t be something you’d want to see, so instead let’s look at these super cute things!
Sugar glider Lost World Tambun Petting Zoo
Sugar gliders! Awww. I used to have three of them, Keisha, Milo and one that passed :((
You can also find Prairie Dogs, hedgehogs and the like – my pictures came out blurry though, sorry.


Longkang Fishing

Longkang fishing
Finally, there was the Longkang Fishing activity – they provide nets and buckets for you to catch and release the fish. You can play around with the fish, but don’t throw stones or step into the river!
It’s another fun activity to do for children especially, although I have to say the most enthusiastic person there was a middle-aged man who tried so hard, he fell into the river! But it was so entertaining to see that mixture of childlike joy and determination on his face, that really made me smile.
Which made me wonder, what with how much love I have for Lost World of Tambun’s Petting Zoo, how ridiculous must my face have been to onlookers? Yikes.
Lost World Petting Zoo
All too soon, it was time to say goodbye :'(
My excitement must just be spilling over into this post. I guess it’s not necessary for me to tell you the visit would be worth your time? But yes, I would definitely revisit these animal friends of mine. So if you’re looking for a getaway with your family and friends, or even an interesting and unique date idea, this is it! And if they’re busy, just go on your own! I somehow think this is a lovely place to recover from heartbreaks and loneliness anyway – a form of animal-assisted therapy 😛
After all, misery can’t possibly survive in a place like this 😉
Lost World Petting Zoo 5 stars review
P/S If you missed the story of how I got to Ipoh, don’t miss:
Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo Admission/Ticket Price is also on sale now:
RM48 RM40.80 (Adult)
RM41 RM34.85 (Child – 12 years old and below. Free entrance for children under 90cm in height)
RM41 RM34.85 (Senior Citizen – 55 years old and above)
Ticket inclusive of:
Access to Lost World Amusement Park, Lost World Water Park, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Petting Zoo, Lost World Tin Valley, Lost World Hot Springs & Spa and Lost World Lupe’s Adventure.
Available only on:
Weekdays: 11.00am – 6.00pm
Weekends: 10.00am – 6.00pm
For more information, visit:
Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo Reviewed by Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman on October 27 2013 Rating: 5

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