Let’s get Lost in The Lost World of Tambun!

Have you heard??

Oh my. I must give Mama-san and her SWAT team their due accolades for making this happen for us. I can only imagine the butterflies accompanying them (in their tummies, LOL) to the meeting with the Sunway group. They rocked it, of course, and pulled off yet another amazing project for us as only they can do. (I swear, the passion drives them to this measure of success.)


Oh, how a vacation is long overdue! I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve unofficially graduated – that is, my studies are done and dusted and I’m just waiting for convocation to roll around. What this means is that I’m officially unemployed and on a holiday with an indeterminable end while I wait for my posting letter from the government. This is the ultimate time of freedom in a person’s life, my window between being tied to my responsibilities as a pharmacy student and a provisionally registered pharmacist, and you’d think that I’ve been traveling so much I’ve reached the moon and crossed back.

Sadly, no.


Worse, my parents are going on a cruise (again!) starting from 22nd September, leaving me behind at home (again!). They did this exact same thing on my birthday last year. Of course I’m overjoyed for them. But what I wouldn’t do for a quick getaway soon after – I’m very attached, and I’ll miss them terribly.

Hmm, this post took on a grave tone pretty quickly, didn’t it? LOL.

Remember my post on the La Senza Body Kiss party where I said I took the ERL on my own for the first time? After loads of route practicing with 3 more friends than should be necessary, too. But I was delirious with excitement through the ride, and it took a long time for the effect to wear off. The simple fact is, I love trains. But of course not all trains are made equal. If I had to take the train from home to go to KL, for example – I just won’t. Short distance rides are scary, and from past experience, always brimming with creeps.

But back when I was studying in Penang, I fully adored taking the train home! It was always empty save for a few friendly elderly vacationers. Frankly, the seats were more spacious than airplane seats (which I equally love, but 45 minutes is too short for me to enjoy!) I would be plugged into my iPod, contorting my body in the weirdest and most comfortable way, and spend half the ride crying and laughing to the book I’m reading and the other half taking short naps.

Of course, that was back when I hardly took any stock in photography. Now I find I’m eager to document the littlest things with my camera. Nothing is safe from my lens, nothing!! Even the guards at random guardhouses aren’t spared. I’m serious. But of course it feels like my day-to-day life is getting less and less interesting. There would be that nanosecond pause, a small one but surely there, where I wonder how many times I’ve taken pictures of this particular flower arrangement in my dining room or frankly, my sleeping cat. Surely one too many for one to still be fascinated by it?

The adorable kitten is Zorro, and the cat shooting me dirty looks is my neighbour’s. Infinitely less patient at being paparazzi’d that my own cat, LOL.

I need a reprieve! There’s nothing I’d love more than to fully experience all The Lost World of Tambun has to offer, to commit it to memory and capture each moment in snapshots – I can tell you my camera would be ecstatic at the change of scenery. “Finally!” it would huff indignantly while greedily drinking in all the sights.

Just to give you an inkling:


And let’s be real. What girl in her right mind would refuse the offer of a spa?

Of course, one of the best parts of the trip itself is that I’ll be vacationing and having a blast with 29 other amazing girls! I wonder if it will be as chaotic and fun as my favourite guilty pleasure movie The Hangover? (Don’t judge!) Of course, we won’t be half as wicked as they were. But definitely equal on the unforgettable scale 😀
We could be making the girl version of the movie come to life, haha!
Signing off packed and ready to travel, Happy Merdeka loves! 
The Lost World of Tambun website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/
The Lost World of Tambun Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun
KTMB ETS Train website: http://www.ktmb.com.my/

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