MIVVA September Box: Glow Gizmo Review

I think my heady compliments to Poslaju in my previous post got to their heads: my box arrived all smashed. LOL, should not have jinxed it! For that very reason, the lid of the box was barely worth photographing and I’ll be tossing this in the paper bin.
Considering my glowing review and nudges to subscribe to the MIVVA box on account of finding it consistently great (including the August MIVVA box), are you curious to find out if they delivered again this month – or whether I managed to jinx that too? Read on to find out!

This month’s theme is Glow Gizmo, which I thought was apt considering a glowing sun-kissed Mediterranean look is what I’ve had in mind for my upcoming trip!

As usual, the box came with an product description leaflet. We’re greeted in the cover with a nod to our mission to glow-on, and on the inside we’re introduced to the products:

First impressions: YES! A makeup item! And yess, the contacts I’ve been waiting for! And a mirror, how cute! But then I glanced at the rest of the items and left feeling unimpressed by them – I’m pretty much averse to sachets.

As usual, I fully appreciate MIVVA’s pretty little something extra each month. This month, it’s a wooden handheld mirror – while it isn’t the largest, it feels substantial enough to be comfortably gripped by its handle. Great way to do a final check up close, if you’re so inclined – I admit, I’ve tried coming close to mirrors because I was trying to see what in the world that lone black fleck is that’s resting on my cheekbone, and bumping my nose into them instead because I zoomed in too fast.

Let’s hope my nose will fare better with this baby around. I guess I just have better control moving my hands towards my face than moving my head towards anything. LOL!!

Onto the first product:

IGel Magic Pop Monthly Lens in Brown 

The packaging is to die for! I swear if I ever had a cosmetic lens company, this is exactly how I would have done it, so much love for this pretty package!

Base curve: 8.8mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water content: 38%
Colors: Black, gray, brown, blue, pink
Other: UV protection

I was half-expecting them to get the color or power wrong, but it’s spot on. Of course they didn’t telepathically read my mind to know what I wanted, they sent out a survey via e-mail asking us specifically whether we wanted color lenses or otherwise, the color we’d prefer and our optical numbers. Even armed with this info, it’s pretty easy to get mixed up with hundreds of boxes, each requiring an exact product so kudos for pulling this off!

I’ll model the lens on a day I’m out and would be blinded by my short-sightedness. No use in trying this out now.

By the way, just in case the warning on the back confuses you (SINGLE PATIENT USE), just a friendly reminder that this is not a pair of daily disposables. So don’t toss it away after wearing it! Don’t confuse Single Use with Single Patient Use – Single Use products can only be used once and must be thrown away after its use, but Single Patient Use products are meant to be used on one patient only (that’s you) on more than one occasion. This means, absolutely no sharing with friends or family regardless of the two of you sharing the exact same optical power. Of course it’s a no-brainer, but there’s surely no harm in clarifying :) I also advise throwing them away once you get an eye infection. It may be completely unrelated to the lens, but as long as you have an eye infection while you have the lens in, you definitely don’t want to reinsert the contaminated lens to come in contact with your precious eyes again. It doesn’t matter that you can use it for another 29 days or you’ve cleaned it the best you can, you only have two of those pretty peepers!

Value: RM60.00 for 1 pair

Arty Professional Mania Face Color in FC

They say: Vibrant colour and amazing comfort. Unique formulation ensures true colour intensity and long-wear performance. Highly pigmented soft texture makes for easy blending. Available in an array of more than 60 mesmerising hues in either a matte or shimmer finish from coral pink to mikado yellow and muted turquoise. Provides unlimited creativity to let your eyes sing, smile and smoulder.
Can be used on both the eyes and cheeks.
Contains Apple and Peach extracts for healthier skin, Avocado as a natural moisturiser with Cranberry extracts rich in anti-oxidants to help neutralise free radicals.

Arty Professional, famed for their complexion modifiers, reached our shores just last year from Bangkok. From what I understand, their Mania Face Colors are completely multipurpose. Looking at the picture you’d correctly assume it’s a blusher. But it’s also for use anywhere else on your face – you can use it as an eyeshadow or even on your lips! I think I’ll post on this blog some time on how to use eyeshadow on the lips 😉

That’s pretty amazing, and I got lucky that this shade would make a great blush and lip color.  But I’d have to be careful if I apply it on the eye lest I look like I have pinkeye. Not quite the look you’d go for, LOL.

As a blusher, these remind me a lot of the NYX blushers. It’s definitely great quality, the powder texture finely milled and not chalky. The shade selection is also great at more than 60 to choose from. FC is a pretty peach-to-apricot shade that I’m sure will look great on warm skintones (like mine!) It’s nearly a Benefit Georgia blush dupe, if you remember the discontinued shade is gorgeous but kind of overpriced.

The pigmentation, I’d say it’s pretty sheer. While this makes it a great buildable blush, I think it would be kind of a pain to pat so much of it on to show true to pan on your lids. I tried to swatch it, but it’s not the best swatch pic – my camera just refused to focus!

Arty Professional Mania Face Color FC finger Swatch
Arty Professional Mania Face Color FC Swatch and review
Value: RM45.00

Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo & conditioner from Asience, a brand I’ve never tried before and would never have picked up on my own. You know how much I dislike getting sample sachets, but it was just fortunate that I’ve been hoarding toiletries samples lately to bring with me on my trip. I’d love to bring along a smaller bottle of my current shampoo & conditioner, but since I’ll be backpacking, I’ll be feeling the strain of every gram of product on my back. LOL

They say: Gently cleanses and enriched with the New Asian Beauty Formula that penetrates into inner fibres to refresh and soften dull and lifeless hair, while balancing the scalp’s moisture, thus keeping your hair light and bouncy from the roots.

Shampoo RM14.90 for 220ML , RM26.80 for 530ML
Conditioner RM14.90 for 220ML , RM26.80 for 530ML


Somang Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream, Air-Bliss BB & Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion

These are of course separate products, but grouped into one simply because I captured them all in one picture.

I’m bringing the Sun Cream with me to my trip too (SPF50+) because I obviously can’t spend a day out of the house without getting sunburned. I keep forgetting that, but my painful red hot and peeling skin (scalp included) that I got as souvenir from the blogger’s getaway to The Lost World of Tambun was a none too gentle reminder.

They say: Whitening sun cream that reduces uneven pigmentation over time while a high degree SPF50+/PA+++ of UVA and UVB protection, creating a barrier that defends the skin from wrinkles and sun-induced age spots. The fluid texture absorbs easily for a weightless feel that can easily be worn under makeup, leaving skin a clear long lasting glow.

The BB cream has SPF30 protection too:

They say: Light smooth dessert BB cream. Your skin feels like able to breathe the air and fresh finishing for a natural looking skin tone, while your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. SPF 30+PA ++

As for the Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion, not too sure about it – perhaps because it calls itself “Anti-wrinkle Gift 2 pcs Set”? Wrinkling is the last thing on my mind right now; when traveling my primary skin concern is be dry flaking skin and sunburn.

They say:  Danahan Bon Yeon Jin regains skin’s original power back with the harmony of yin and yang. Activating blood circulation, enhancing skin’s absorbing power and intensive anti-wrinkles. Toner provide anti-wrinkle functional that keeps skin moisturized and soft. While Emulsion provide anti-wrinkle emulsion that improves essence’s functionality and maintains water-containing effect and skin’s flexibility. It provides good absorption immediately after being applied to skin.

Beautymate Purifying & Brightening Nano Mask

They say: It contains gentiana lutea root, kiwi, coconut and aloe, together with whitening and hydrating factors from black pearl powder; help to lock in moisture, nourishes and improve skin tone in results of brighten the skin. Suitable for: all skin types, especially those with uneven skin tone.

RM36.90 for 7 pieces
Value: RM5.27
Overall Verdict


September’s box is infinitely better than the MIVVA August Flower Power box. I think it’s pretty unbeatable to include a custom contact lens of our choice, especially mine as it is a monthly pair of contacts which means I’ll really get my use out of it. They could have just given me daily colored lenses, afterall.

And an all-over face color that retails for RM45, already exceeding the retail of the box? Not to mention the lenses are RM60, making the value of the box for just two items RM105. Yes please!

Have you subscribed to MIVVA? What’s your favorite September beauty box?


They’ve been announced! Do look back on my previous posts to see the winners :) 

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    1. @A Girl Like You Aww, thank you!

      Basically you subscribe for a box of samples each month, and they’ll mail them to you. The contents are a surprise, you don’t get to choose, but they do try to personalize it for you – like your lens power, skin condition, hair type etc. If you want to try them out first you could get just one box, but I think getting a quarterly sub is better value for your money. My experience has been great so far, you can see my other MIVVA review.

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