Ms Rosy’s BFF revealing our secrets to rosy fairness

Do you know Ms Rosy?

You probably do. She’s so famous now, she’s been touring Malaysia in an effort to meet every single on of you! If you haven’t met her yet, don’t fret. Scour the social media to find out how you can track her down.

This will probably bring around gasps of envy, but I’ve actually been the closest buddies with her for a long while now. We’ve had our first shy and tentative meeting back when I was in school (I’ve now graduated after 6 years of University, so that should hint at the length of our friendship!) but the relationship has really blossomed after a few months – in fact, so many people remarked about how I’ve just glowed ever since.

Ms Rosy even gave me a tag to proclaim our BFF-ship to the world!

But I digress.

Some of you might have missed the news and by this point you’re just wondering why I’m even telling you all this about my friendship with a person you’ve never heard of. I suppose an introduction is in order.

Let me start by telling you her claim to fame: perfectly rosy fairness that’s the envy of all, her friendly charm, and of course a very winning personality! She’s very humble, though. She likes to say that she’s just like any other girl. Well, I don’t know about that. I certainly have never made a grand tour across the country with people clamoring to take pictures of me. (Have you seen how many photos have been shared on social media so far? Search #rosyfairness and see how many results you get as opposed to #sabrinafairness. LOL)

Anyhow, another BFF of ours saw how adamant Ms Rosy was in insisting we have loads in common, so it was suggested that we do a pictorial diary on our day to prove just how much! So on one of our sleepovers, I agreed to be photographed like a celebrity from my first wink!

I hope you’ll love this peek into our lives!


Still fast asleep – hooray, makeup-free face!
Waking up at the sound of the alarm, already smiling – Ms Rosy tells me not everyone does this? LOL
Spending a few more moments with my favorite pillow, planning the day ahead: friends & family time, work time, and ending the day with some ‘me’ time.
Brushing my teeth with a pink toothbrush, of course – getting myself clean and fresh to start the day.
Prepping: wearing my flowery headband to keep all the hair from my face. If you can’t tell already, I love flowers. Seeing flowers everywhere makes me smile :)
Here’s a peek at my dressing table: all my beauty essentials lined up. Scores of makeup and perfume just like any other girl, and my trusted skincare line – L’Oréal’s White Perfect has been my trusted skincare since I was in my teens :) My father can attest to this, having seen me place them in the basket every time he checks out. LOL. After singing in the shower, it’s time to cleanse.
I only use a pea-sized amount of the cleanser. You can see how thick this is…
…and this lathers up with water very nicely to give me….
…a super milky foam, my favourite kind!
A pretty daring and large close-up picture of my bare skin 😛 After cleansing, I pat my skin with a face towel.
Next, I like to use the L’Oréal White Perfect Toner to refresh my skin after the cleanse and balance the moisture of my skin. 

Sharing some tips on how and why I apply toner:

In the morning, I use my toner to help restore my skin’s pH balance. In cleansing my skin, I leave it at a higher pH – which makes it drier, and separately makes it more difficult for my moisturiser to penetrate. When I use it for this reason (in the mornings) I apply it directly to my skin using my palms by gently patting it. As a bonus, this also helps to stretch my toner supply. Hooray!

The toner in this range absorbs very quickly due to its light formula.

On the other hand, when I use it at night, I use it as an extra cleansing step to make sure I can wipe off anything that the cleanser may have missed – like makeup and dead cells that dull the skin. For this purpose, I wet a cotton pad with the toner and wipe it off in a gentle sweeping motion.

Thankfully, this toner is also enriched with Pro-Exfoliatine to help remove the dead skin cells.

My skin is ready for my favourite step: the totally unique double essence! In my humble opinion, this has been the best whitening essence I’ve tried at all price points. Easily a staple.
The two nozzles pump out a white and pink essence separately –  it contains Tourmaline gemstone to help stimulate skin microcirculation for rosy skin as opposed to a white masked face! It absorbs so quickly, even my BFFs missed taking a picture of the essence on my face 😛
They caught me with the day cream, though! Quite incriminating pictures, too:
Yep, that’s me dabbing on the day cream like it’s curing my chicken pox. Ms Rosy celebrates the fact that we all do things differently though, whatever works for us personally :)
Dabbing on the day cream while catching up with some friends over the phone. Us girls are nothing if not multi-taskers! 
Dressing up my face with natural day makeup while listening to my favourite songs, reading tweets, scrolling through Instagram and checking my Facebook. Yes, all that while doing my makeup!

Have you gotten connected with Ms Rosy via social media? Follow her Twitter: and tweet out any questions you might have for her, or just say hello to her @PerfectlyMsRosy. Tag anything on Twitter or Facebook with #rosyfairness, and she’ll see it too!

Facebook and music on the laptop, Instagram and Twitter on my phone 😛
Then it was time to pick out the outfits! With everyone dressed up, we headed out to meet up with friends with smiles lighting up our faces :) Of course, a selfie or two before heading out the door 😉 I use the hashtag #rosyfairness for my pictures with Ms Rosy! I’ll explain about this later.
Today was spent with my best friends, working together on a project for work, and I got home in time to have dinner with my family. Dinner was as usual filled with loud hoots of laughter and shared stories. 
It’s night time now! I repeat the previous steps to my skincare with a variation on toner use, and use the night cream instead!
The purple colour rids my skin of dullness. Love!
So what do you think? Does Ms Rosy have a lot in common with you?
Actually, I’ve been proven wrong. Despite all the attention and fame, she’s exactly like you or me. That’s why Ms Rosy identifies so well with us, and why she feels comfortable and familiar – she mirrors us all to a degree.
I am so excited to tell you more about Ms Rosy and her beauty secrets! I’ll be writing a review on the products we use, so watch out for that :)) 
But of course I know the best person to share the secrets and answer questions to achieving rosy fairness would be Ms Rosy herself, not her BFF – so you can connect with her by sending her a message here! Can you see that’s what I was doing on my laptop? We do love to send messages to our friends even when we’re in the same room, don’t we?
No, that’s not me asking whether toner is important for our skin, LOL. I guess she enlisted my help in answering the question partially in this post!
Psst.. as Ms Rosy’s BFF, I also have access to her planner! Here’s an insider peek at where you can find her:
Believe me, you’d want to meet her because you could win fabulous prizes just by posing with her! (Or without her, just striking your take on her pose, but long distance would be less fun wouldn’t it?) Just tag those photos with #rosyfairness via Instagram, making sure your account is public. Give it a moment, and your picture will automatically appear on Ms Rosy’s page. Next, claim your photo by registering, and you’re in the running to win 1 of the 3 weekly prizes! Who knew our love for taking selfies would pay off? LOL
Look – there’s my unclaimed photo, making me one of her friends. Once I claim it, I’ll be officially her BFF 😉
For more information, visit:

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  1. I think I saw that you and another Sabrina won this! You both deserve it! I should call myself Sabrina too – it’s a beautiful and talented name obviously to produce two winners.
    This is an amazing, beautiful and well-thought out entry, Sabrina!

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